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We have now been offering CPD courses in the Market Harborough area for over five years and during that period have had the opportunity to gain insight into the type of events counsellors are interested in attending and what works well and less well in terms of subjects, timing and approach. 

Listed below are some comments about our courses & lunches included in the price of our day long events! 


Julie Lanyon-Hogg (June 2018) " Working with the Sandtray" Returns 83% 54% excellent/46% very good 

"Very enjoyable and productive"

"Very experiential and practical" 

" Really interesting and so great to have first hand experience" 



Sarah Smyth (Ray) (April 2018)  "Divorce and Separation - What shall we tell the children?"

"Great day, fantastic content "

"Brilliant - could have listened for much longer"

"Came as we have new step grandson & counselled people in this situation and lots around it.  Understanding more"  


Christiane Sanderson "Understanding and working with the spectrum of Domestic Abuse" 79% Return 93% excellent/7% very good" 

"Very engaging speaker, interesting material.  A privilege to be taught by Christiane"

" Consistently excellent" 

"Comprehensive overview which has brought most of the DA aspects to consider to the fore including the impact on parenting" 


Sarah Smyth (Ray)  "Exploring Fear" (Dec 2017) 82% Returns 78% excellent/22% very good 

"As usual, an informative and entertaining session" 

"I thought this was brilliant. In depth but not complicated, relevant for client work and practical"

"Loved the theory and practical nature of the course.  Going away with strategies to work on."

"I've learnt so much here today, all I want to do is go away and put it into practivce as well as learn to become efficient at it"


Irene Davies "Internal Family Systems" (Nov 2017)  71% Return 70% excellent/30 % very good. 

"Fantastic course - very insightful"

"Great content, very informative - will integrate into my work" 

"Very inspiring, have so much to process and excited about applying to my work"


Elizabeth Clarke 'Eating to Cope' (Sept.2017)  79% Return,70% excellent/30% very good

"Fascinating, learned a lot about how eating may be used as coping mechanism"

"So valuable, loved it, so interesting, informative"

"Warm, intelligent, insightful lecturer"

" Thought provoking"

Emily and Rachel Spence - Living with and Overcoming Restrictive Eating Disorders (Sept 2017)

"Informative on so many levels"


"Given me so much more insight into RED"


Sarah Smyth – “ Working with Couples” 88% return, 100% excellent 

Christiane Sanderson: Trauma Counsellor’s Toolbox – return 41%, 50% excellent (50% very good or good) 

Christiane Sanderson: Working with Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse – return 71%, 98% excellent (2% very good) 

Dr Andrew Reeves: Working with suicidal clients – 85% return, 90% excellent (10% very good or good)

Dr Julie Waumsley: Understanding more about Anxiety.  -79% return, 61% excellent (39% very good or good) 

Pauline Andrews: Working creatively in counselling – 84% return, 100% excellent  (June 2015)

Funding the Bower House Charity
Bower House has been offering counselling to individuals, families and couples since 1999. The service is available to all. A percentage of all BHSS fees will go to support the core work of the Bower House. If you would like to make a donation directly to the Bower House and for more information.

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BHSS does not offer counselling to the public. If you require counselling contact Bower House directly 

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