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Heroin is My Mother, Alcohol my Father

Saturday, 7th December 2019 9.30am to 4pm

There is increasing evidence that adverse childhood experiences such as childhood abuse,                neglect, relational trauma and early childhood stress  significantly increases vulnerability and elevated risk of developing addictions. To manage the impact of abuse, many survivors resort to substance misuse, disordered eating, gambling, workaholism, sex, exercise or unhealthy  relationships to self-medicate and to regulate their emotions and mood.


This CPD Training day will look at early adverse childhood experiences, in particular childhood sexual abuse, complex and relational trauma, and their link to addiction.  It will explore the nature of  addictions within the context of attachment deficits and lack of emotional self-regulation.  The focus will be on enabling practitioners working with addictions and substance misuse to develop a deeper understanding of the link between addictions and complex trauma and how to work more effectively with substance dependent clients.  

This training will be of interest to both health and mental health practitioners , drug and                 alcohol workers, counsellors, therapists, GP’s and anyone working with survivors.                                   

Topics covered will be:

· The link between adverse childhood experiences and addiction

· Emotional Dysregulation and the nervous system

· Addiction as self medication to regulate emotions and mood states 

· The principles of trauma informed practice 

· Re-regulation of the nervous system through stabilisation and grounding technique                               

· Developing affect regulation and an increased window of tolerance                                                   

· Overcoming barriers to disclosure  

· Offering a supportive therapeutic relationship to survivors who have a history of                              addiction.





Course dates are not yet available.

Heroin is My Mother, Alcohol my Father

Saturday, 7th December 2019

Availability: Available

By Christiane Sanderson at Methodist Church Northampton Road Market Harborough LE16 9HE [Click here for a map] BOOKCost per candidate £65.00

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