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A challenging year! 

One of key aims of BHSS is to generate income to support the core work of the Bower House Counselling Service in Market Harborough.  We have been unable to do so this year because of the COVID restrictions.  A review of BHSS was therefore timely. 

Our unique selling point has been our commitment to not only quality presenters but also an overall experience feeding body, mind and sometimes soul.   When it comes to offering online training we cannot compete with the inexpensive offerings including access to national and international gurus. 

We have therefore decided to close the organisation.

Thank you to all the people who have supported us across the years.

This decision does NOT impact the work of the Bower House which continues to offer affordable counselling.  Only the training arm is closing.  

If you require counselling please ring:      01858 469257

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Funding the Bower House Charity
Bower House has been offering counselling to individuals, families and couples since 1999. The service is available to all. A percentage of all BHSS fees will go to support the core work of the Bower House. If you would like to make a donation directly to the Bower House and for more information.

T: 01858 469257  

Please note
BHSS does not offer counselling to the public. If you require counselling contact Bower House directly 

Bower House Support Services
For all services apart from counselling please contact BHSS:

T:  07586 734938  
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